Legal Notice

The crash is the result of a partnership between Chadian researchers and researchers from abroad; having in common the practice of researches on various issues on Chad and the desire for further scientific research at the local level, particularly in the area of the Anthropology and Human Sciences. Thanks to the support of partner institutions, the center was opened 2005. It has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Interior and Public Security on the 11th of September 2007 under the folio 2696.


The Center for Research in Anthropology and Human Sciences is a multidisciplinary research laboratory, which aims to promote research in anthropology and human sciences in Chad.

C.R.A.S.H aims to:

  • - Promote scientific research in human sciences in general and in social anthropology in particular;
  • - Strengthen the capacities for anthropological researches in Chad through the training of young Chadian researchers through Master and PhD projects;
  • - Contribute to the training of Chadian university lecturers through seminars and workshops in social anthropology and human sciences;
  • - Assume the reception and support for foreign researchers and students in anthropology from partner institutes or others expressing the need
  • - Contribute to the scientific debates on social and development issues on Chad and abroad;
  • - Develop documentation and information center in human sciences in general and in social anthropology in particular.