Legal Notice

The CRASH is composed of three main organs:

A General Assembly (GA): it is the supreme and the decision-making organ of the center. It is composed of all the members (national members and representatives of European partner research centers. The GA's main missions are:

  • Define the guidelines for researches according to the Center's mission;
  • Review and assess activities and management reports of the Center;
  • Approve the budget of the Center;
  • Nominate people to positions in the Center.

A Management Board (COG): it is the activities Monitoring Body. COG's members are elected or appointed by the GA. It is composed of:
  • A President who assumes the supervision of the Center. He watches with the other members of the COG, the achievement of the CRASH’s aims. Together with the COG, he seeks funding and foreign partnerships for the Center. The current president is Prof. Stephen P. Reyna.
  • The General Secretary appointed by the Board of Management to coordinate the activities of the Center is currently Prof. Khalil Alio.
  • Founding Members, namely Prof. Han Van Dijk, Prof. Mirjam De Bruijn and Dr. Andrea Behrends.
  • A manager who assumes the daily management and provides accounting under the supervision of the Management Board in accordance with the center’s procedure rules. He manages the material of the Center under the supervision of the General Secretary. This function is currently assumed by Djerandi Laguerre Dionro.

An Executive Board (BE) which is the operational organ of the CRASH. It consists of:
The General Secretary, the Manager and a program manager. The later organizes the Center's activities. At the moment it is Hoinathy Remadji, assisted by Djimet Selli and a secretary, Nicole Konaye.