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Journal Articles

Behrends, Andrea 2007. The Darfur Conflict and the Chad/Sudan border - regional context and local re-​configuration. Sociologus 57 (1): 99-131.

Behrends, Andrea & Jan-Patrick Heiß 2007. Crisis in Chad: Approaching the Anthropological Gap. Sociologus 57 (1): 1-9.

Reyna, Stephen P. 2007. The traveling model that wouldn’t travel, or developing dystopia : oil, empire, and patrimonialism in contemporary Chad. Social Analysis 51 (3): 78.

van Dijk, Han 2007. Political deadlock in Chad. African Affairs 106 (425): 697-703.


Working Papers

Remadji, Hoinathy 2005. La diversité culturelle: source de conflits ou d’enrichissement mutuel.

Reyna, S. P. 1993. 'By these means he is able to procure what he is most in need of: "Predatory accumulation and state formation in Bagirmi',  Symposium "State, Land, and Society in the History of Sudanic Africa", Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.